Aggregate bank industry data

There is a lot of value in knowing how a bank is doing compared to their metro area.  Unfortunately metro area banking statistics aren’t the easiest thing to find.

The FDIC creates peer groups based on asset size or state.  As far as I know there is no way to find a FDIC peer group based on other banks located in the same metropolitan area without creating a custom peer group.  The problem with custom peer groups is you have to know all of the banks in a metro area to build a comprehensive database.

In an effort to provide useful data to bankers, and others interested in banking I compiled a spreadsheet with some figures and statistics grouped by metro area.  The file is located here: CompleteBankData Summary by Metro Q3 2013

The value in this data lies in the ability of a bank to compare itself to the local market.  Fourth quarter results should be out and posted here soon as well.

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