Exporting data to Excel from CompleteBankData

A natural question when looking at our database is “where does all this data come from?”  The thought of calling 6,000+ banks and manually inputting thousands of pieces of data is overwhelming, but thankfully that’s not what we have to do.  We pull our data straight from three sources, the FDIC Call Reports, Federal Reserve holding company reports, and SEC filings.

All US banks are required to file FDIC Call Reports and holding company reports quarterly (bi-yearly for small holding companies).  These reports are great at capturing information for regulators in a format regulators can use.  But they’re not as useful for investors or bankers, or really anyone who is familiar with financial statements.

We aggregate, standardize, format and then create custom metrics from the regulatory data. But we don’t just display the data better we also provide a set of tools that allows finding, comparing and manipulating the data easier.

Exporting to excel

Viewing data on a screen is great, but there is nothing like having the numbers in front of you and being able to manipulate them in Excel.  Like all of our system we provide fine grained control of Excel exports allowing you to export everything from a single table all the way up to every piece of data we have on a bank or holding company in a single spreadsheet.

Exporting a table

The smallest amount of data that can be exported is a single data table.  Every data table in CompleteBankData is exportable.  To export click on the green arrow next to the table’s title.  A menu will appear giving the option of downloading that table to Excel.


Exporting a bank or holding company

If you need more than a single table worth of data exporting either a summary or full bank detail is appropriate.  A summary export only includes the data tables shown on the Summary page for a bank or holding company.  These tables include, income statement summary, balance sheet summary, loan summary.  A full download includes all tables for the selected bank from all sub-pages.

On the bank’s Summary page click the green Actions menu.  A dropdown menu will appear with two options: Download Summary to Excel and Download All Details to Excel.  Select either of these options to export into Excel.


Exporting a set of banks compared to each other

At times it’s helpful to compare banks against each other, or manipulate a given metric over a variety of banks.  CompleteBankData makes this possible by enabling users to export comparison results to Excel.

Anywhere in the application where a bank name is listed you have the ability to add that bank to the Compare page.  From any of these menus select Send to Compare.  The graphic below shows the menu in the search results.  The Send to Compare link is also available on bank detail pages and the My Banks page.

Select Send to Compare to add a bank to the Compare page.



Alternatively you can add a bank directly to the Compare page by clicking the green actions menu and selecting Find.



After you are satisfied with the set of banks you’d like to compare select the green Actions menu again to add additional fields to compare against.


Your comparison screen show look similar to the following picture.  The only limit on the number of banks or fields that can be added to this page is your imagination.Capture05

When you are satisfied with your custom comparison set click the Download Results link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This will initiate the export to Excel.


Shown below is a picture of our custom comparison set in Excel.Capture08


If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us.

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